ACR Founder Emphatic: 'Super Users Can't Happen With the Software We Have'

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Ace King
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  • Nagy opens up live about being accused by Ingram of being a super user

  • "I never got death threats before these accusations," Nagy says

  • "Facebook, Google have problems with bots, not just the poker industry," Nagy points out

"I have a bodyguard 24 hours a day," Phil Nagy, founder of Americas Cardroom told Joey Ingram on his podcast Monday evening.



Ingram, a popular podcaster and poker pro, accused the Americas Cardroom owner of being a super user.

Ingram claims he witnessed super user activity on the ACR site, something Nagy emphatically denies.

"I have never gotten death threats before these videos," Nagy said.  "People respect what you say.  There is some accountability at some point."

Nagy's concerns come at a time of fears in the Costa Rican online gambling community following the kidnapping and murder of 5Dimes owner Sean "Tony' Creighton and the attempted murder of Costa Rican poker pro Steven Thompson

Ingram insisted he never accused Nagy himself of being a super user.

"I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I'm also not the devil," Nagy said. "As far as super using, a bot cannot see your hole cards." 

Ingram and Nagy also discussed botting, colluding and tournament claims.

A winning player looks very similar to bots, Nagy explained. 

"It's hard to differentiate between the two.  You only get two types of players: Winning players and you get bots."

"Facebook, Google have problems with bots.  It's not just the poker industry," Nagy added.

Ingram did say that Nagy is attempting to be transparent and giving a place for players to make money. 

"They do pay out their players," Ingram did proclaim.  "Never have I heard a complaint that ACR does not pay its players."

"I don't want you to have to trust me," Nagy told Ingram.  "I want stuff to be provable."

"The faster we catch bots, the more money we make."

Ingram also suggested that the increase in cryptocurrency dependency has coincided with an increase in bot activity at online poker sites.

Nagy confirmed that up to 70% of accounts are funded using cryptocurrency and that his site has more than doubled its crypto business in 2018 compared to Bitcoin's peak trading numbers in late 2017.

Nagy agreed to have tables segregated only for Americans and Canadians to eliminate potential scams from other countries.

The Americas Cardroom CEO also said his poker room is considering offering "player certified" tables.

"Eventually we will be the best poker site in the world.  I don't know if we will be the biggest but we will be the best.

"I want to be a poker site my kids are proud his dad is running.  I didn't want my 8-year-old looking on the Internet and seeing stuff that says his dad is a cheat."

Nagy also confirmed Americas Cardroom is taking over the now shuttered PokerStars office and will be hiring a number of their players after initially declining to name the site in question until someone posted this link on their live chat.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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