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Sentencing of Greenville Man Highlights South Carolina Zero Tolerance of Bookies, Gambling

The conviction and subsequent sentencing of a Greenville, South Carolina man this week charged with illegal gambling highlights that state’s policy towards eradicating the activity whether it be in the form of bookmaking, poker or video gaming machines.

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, Jul/29/2014

Southern California Bookies: Los Angeles, San Diego

Southern California bookies can stand to make some serious coin thanks to the wealthy clientele that place wagers in this region from San Diego up to Los Angeles and the cities in between.

Top sports teams from this region with significant fan bases include the likes of the San Diego Chargers, UCLA Bruins and both the LA Lakers and Clippers.  There is also the USC Trojans, who are among the top 10 teams with the shortest odds to win the College Football Championship.  Both the University of Southern California and UCLA are located in Los Angeles.

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, Jul/28/2014

PPH Football Betting -- Lynch May Force Seahawks to Make an Unpleasant Decision

When there is a major issue with a key player for the defending Super Bowl champions, that is something no PPH football bettor can rightfully ignore. When that issue involves a contract dispute, it gets a little stickier. And when it further involves someone who doesn't want to fulfill his contract, then things have the potential to really get complicated, because there is no reason for the team holding that contract to budge. 

Submitted by Charles Jay on, Jul/28/2014

Louisiana Bookies: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and the Slippery Slope

Louisiana bookies have been an endangered species in recent years.  During the year 2008 alone over 100 bookies were rounded up across the state.  

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, Jul/27/2014

Bookies in Mississippi: Jackson, Starkville, Oxford, Gulfport, Biloxi, More

Mississippi is home to two solid College Football programs in the Ole Miss Rebels and Mississippi State Bulldogs, both of which show some promise in 2014.  Oddsmakers had Ole Miss winning 8.5 regular season games (though the UNDER was more heavily priced).  They had Mississippi State a pretty big favorite to win OVER 9.5 regular season games in 2014. 

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, Jul/26/2014

Iowa City, Cedar Rapids Bookies: Hawkeyes Expectations a Boost to Betting

Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa area bookies are readily available to serve the needs of those living in the region and studying at the University of Iowa.

Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa and its decent College Football team, the Hawkeyes.

Iowa is one of the least strict states when it comes to sports betting and bookmaking, both of which are considered misdemeanors.  Prosecution of such activity is minimal in recent years.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Jul/25/2014

‪ PPH Pro Football Betting -- Odds on Big Apple NFL Teams Are Big

NFL training camps are getting started this week, and in two of these camps, representing the largest media market in the United States, there are quarterback questions.

Submitted by Charles Jay on, Jul/21/2014

PPH Baseball Betting – Odds on Who Will Be Getting Price

The All-Star break is a time when a lot of teams contemplate how they are going to handle themselves for the rest of the season. With one additional wild card spot open in each league, there is more for teams to think about, because of the fact that there are more teams in contention. In fact, there are very few clubs who can consider themselves out of the running. 

Enviado por Charles Jay On, Jul/15/2014

Missouri Bookies: St. Louis, Columbia, Texas County, Shannon County More

Não importa onde você esteja localizado no estado Show Me do Missouri, os apostadores locais estão a poucos passos de distância.Você só precisa saber como encontrá -los.

Enviado por Don Shapiro On, Jul/09/2014

Bookies in the Topeka, Manhattan, Kansas Area

Os apostadores podem ser encontrados na região de Manhattan e Topeka, no Kansas, graças aos fãs de esportes hardcore que apoiam a Universidade Estadual de Kansas, casa dos Wildcats.O USA Today atendeu o estado do Kansas para ser um dos 25 principais programas de futebol do país em 2014, fazendo a demanda por Preço por terceirização de cabeça muito mais importante.

Enviado por Mary Montgomery, Jul/07/2014

Kansas City Area Bookies: Is Sports Betting Legal in Kansas, Missouri?

Os apostadores da cidade de Kansas são abundantes e por um bom motivo.Os Chiefs têm uma das bases de fãs mais leais do país, enquanto o basquete universitário e o futebol universitário desfrutam de uma enorme popularidade.

Enviado por Ean Lamb On, Jul/07/2014

PPH World Cup Betting -- Americans Must Sit and Wait After Tie with Portugal

Foi um final de partir o coração para o time de futebol dos Estados Unidos, sem mencionar os apostadores da Copa do Mundo da PPH que tinham um bom preço para vencer, no domingo em Manaus?

Enviado por Charles Jay, em Jun/23/2014

Pay Per Head Review - Free Trial, No Deposit, Low Starting Price

Com mais de 18 anos em livros on -line, as pessoas por trás Traga seu vasto conhecimento e experiência para uma das empresas que mais crescem nos negócios de pagamento por cabeça hoje.O boca a boca é sua principal fonte para novos clientes, que mostra que a maioria de seus agentes atuais está extremamente satisfeita com o serviço recebido.

Submitted by Payton on, Jun/21/2014

Pay Per Head Review - 4 Week Free Trial Offered

Aposta em casa Emergiu para o melhor preço por empresa de serviços de cabeça do setor.Eles atenderam milhares de agentes grandes e pequenos e continuam a atualizar seus serviços todos os anos.

Algumas das ótimas opções oferecidas por Aposta em casa:

Tão baixo quanto US $ 10 cabeças 

Submitted by Payton on, Jun/21/2014

Pay Per Head Review - Mobile Bookie Platform, Online Poker More is the gold standard in the per-head industry. With packages from $10/head, we provide superior and more reliable service. Agents get a dedicated account rep who is always available to help, and players benefit from our fleet of web servers and two dedicated call centers staffed with American clerks. Join today and learn why our customer satisfaction rate is above 99%!

Submitted by Payton on, Jun/21/2014

Pay Per Head Companies and Performance Reports

One of the biggest keys to running any type of business is to know the numbers inside and out. Just as a sports handicapper breaks down a particular matchup to uncover an edge in the betting lines for the game, as a bookmaker you need to constantly break down your business’s numbers to turn a profit on a regular basis.

Submitted by Payton on, Jun/19/2014

The Price Per Head Revolution - By Way of WagerHome

We all know that sports betting is one of the most popular gambling-related activities in the world, and it is certainly one of the drivers for the boom in sports of all kinds in the United States. 

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Apr/21/2014

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Software: The Real Bookies Benefit

God only knows there are several dozen Pay Per Head software platforms out there.  You can check out the endorsed pay per heads right here on the website.  

Submitted by Payton on, Apr/20/2014

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