Mattress Mack vs. Spanky: Por que Caesars é favorecendo um sobre o outro?

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Thomas Somach
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Por que um apostador esportivo do Texas permitiu apostar US $ 2 milhões em um evento esportivo, enquanto outro apostador esportivo, em Nova Jersey, nem consegue colocar US $ 50.000 em um jogo?


É isso que Gadoon "Spanky" Kyrollos quer saber.
No mês passado, um proprietário de uma rede de lojas de móveis em Houston chamado Jim Mcingvale fez notícias quando foi revelado que ele havia feito uma aposta de US $ 2 milhões no Houston Astros para ganhar a World Series, uma aposta que pagaria US $ 20 milhões se atingisse.
Mcingvale, apelidado de "Mattress Mack"
Depois de um dos grampos que ele vende em suas lojas, fez sua aposta com um livro esportivo legal de propriedade de Caesars.
Enquanto isso, Kyrollos, que mora fora de Jersey City, Nova Jersey, e ganha a vida como apostador esportivo profissional, foi recentemente jogado em outro livro de esportes de propriedade de Caesars quando tentou apostar US $ 50.000 em um jogo.
“Why is he allowed to bet $2 million and I can’t even bet $50,000?” Kyrollos wondered during an exclusive interview with Gambling 911.
Then, answering his own question, Kyrollos lamented, “It’s because he is an amateur who doesn’t have a clue about sports betting and I am a professional who knows what he’s doing.
“If you don’t know what you’re doing, they welcome you with open arms. But if you do know what you’re doing, meaning you win more than you lose, they throw you out on your ass.“
Kyrollos has been ejected from numerous sportsbooks for winning too much, and at the ones where he is still allowed to bet, his wagering limits are severely restricted to very low levels.
Just last week, he asked a new Unibet-owned sportsbook in Pennsylvania if he could wager with them and was told: “The risk assessment division has declined your request.”
Another professional sports bettor, Los Angeles sportscaster Fred Wallin, who hosts a sports talk show on SiriusXM radio, weighed in on the controversy at Gambling 911’s request.
“I think doing something like this hurts the whole wagering industry,” Wallin said of the Caesars decision to limit some bettors but not others.
“Frankly, shame on them and it will come back to bite them at some point.”
Another professional sports bettor, who knows Kyrollos and didn’t want to be identified, told Gambling 911: “At least Spanky is being above board about things, and that’s what hurts him, being honest.
“He could easily hire a team of beards to make bets for him at various sportsbooks, but he doesn’t want to do that. He tells the sportsbooks who he is and what he wants to do betting-wise, and they either accept him or reject him.
“He doesn’t want to sneak around, even if it costs him money, and for that I admire him.”
By Tom Somach
Gambling 911 Chief Correspondent

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